Gas Station Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance and Gas stations should go hand in hand, similar to convenience stores, gas stations are often easy targets for crimes and theft. Having a video surveillance system will protect your gas station against crime, theft, vandalism and other possible damages.

Key Advantages of having Security Cameras at Filling Stations

Ease of Install – HD Surveillance systems in both IP cameras and HD-SDI are extremely easy to install and setup. Unlike analog CCTV systems, these newer technologies offer 1080 HD video to see everything in fine detail. 

Theft Prevention – Having security cameras displayed prominently near cash registers or above gas station pumps will help curb and prevent theft. They will help you identify vehicle license plates and the car type in the event someone steals gas or use the vehicle during a robbery.

Monitoring Remotely – DVRs (digital video recorder) or NVRs (network video recorder) allows you to broadcast your video camera footage over the internet to your PC, Mac or mobile phone. You can even monitor several locations at the same time on the same screen.

Improved image – Details mean everything, and newer security cameras offer high resolution megapixel video that help reassure customers that your establishment and gas station is safe. A comfortable customer will continue to shop at your store and increase your business.

Video Surveillance Dangers at Gas Stations

Privacy of Employees – Protecting the privacy of employees is crucial. Keeping your surveillance cameras installed in public areas such as gas pumps, sales floors and cash registers will make your employees feel more comfortable.  Prevent from installing security cameras in employee break rooms and restrooms.

Possible Accidents – Cameras installed by your gas pumps can be vandalized or even damaged by collisions or car accidents. Cars have been know to run into gas pumps in the past.

Camera Theft – Criminals will sometimes target security cameras during their robberies. This sometimes allows them more time to take more money, or simply hide their identity during the crime.

Configuring Security Cameras at a Fueling Station

No Gas station security installation is the same. Your needs may vary depending several factors. Here are some things to consider when purchasing and installing your surveillance system:

  1. Consider your biggest security threat. What is it?
  2. Do you currently have a security system? What do you have in place?
  3. Consider incidents that happened this past year. What could you have caught?
  4. Consider your neighborhood and surrounding areas. Are they prone to crime?
  5. Your location may help criminals.
    1. High volume areas with lots of traffic may experience higher crime and theft rates simply because of the high numbers of vehicles that pass through the area
  1. Do you currently have problems with employee theft or robberies?

Insulation Advice for Gas Station Surveillance

  1. Place cameras where you can easily capture license plates of those incoming and outgoing cars.
  2. We suggest using dome cameras above your fuel pumps to gain a comprehensive view of your gas station.
  3. Cash registers should by monitored and recorded as well as your office. This will help protect employees and company assets in case of a robbery.