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Finding events, let alone individuals can be very hard to do when you have months of video. Signature Face Detection allows you to easily find detected faces and view them as thumbnails to quickly playback an event.


Use Face Detection together with alerts to push notifications directly to your customer’s mobile phones. Once a face is detected in a pre-determined area you can have our NVR send your customer a push alert for instant viewing and playback.

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The word analytics may sound scary but the installation and setup could not get any easier. Megapixall analytics offers a wide range of features that you simply did not consider when looking for surveillance cameras..

Face Detection

Whether you wish to verify, recognize, or identify, an Megapixall camera with facial detection software is an excellent efficient solution. It helps to improve customer service while protecting your assets by helping to identify important customers or potential perpetrators.

Facial recognition is a perfect complement to your existing surveillance system, enhancing security and/or customer experience in real time.

Searching for incidents can be very time consuming and daunting. Face detection allows you to easily compile a thumbnail search for individual faces so you can easily search for the person of interest. Once you find the individual you can quickly press on the thumbnail of interest to playback a quick clip of that scene. This cuts down on search time and takes you directly to the events that you need to playback quickly.