Education and Schools

Unfortunately, schools now and forever will be a place where video surveillance is a must.

Safeguarding faculty and students is a primary concern for any school today. CCTV systems play a key role in ensuring safety on school grounds. Maintaining safety and curbing violence or vandalism is a challenge and security cameras are an indispensable tool to help resolve and identify issues as they arise.

Education surveillance systems

CCTV Cameras for School Benefits

Ease of Install – With the latest technology schools can easily upgrade older CCTV analog systems to today’s digital technology using the same wiring that is currently installed at the school. New HD systems will offer an instant upgrade to the high definition world of HD megapixel video. That means more detail, higher resolution and faster search times. For those schools that are installing a new system and never had a system in place, new systems offer a single wire installation. This keeps cost down and Makes a system more manageable.

Campus Safety – Safety around your campus is a very good reason to install security cameras, but cameras will also help you to discourage misbehavior. Well placed conspicuous school CCTV cameras are known to reduce violence, threats, and vandalism drastically.

Monitoring Visitors – Having unexpected visitors is a major problem many schools continually struggle with. Maintaining proper access control for visitors is crucial. Installing and implementing school surveillance cameras at all exits and entry doors will help administrative staff monitor and record all visitors and ensure they are properly signed in.

Restrictions and Risks of School Security Cameras

Maintain Privacy – Student and staff privacy is important and by implementing school security cameras only in those public locations such as outdoor play areas, cafeterias, gymnasiums, administrative offices, playgrounds, and sports fields will help maintain everyone’s privacy. The US still views public surveillance as Controversial – so we suggest you verify with your municipal laws and school board guidelines before proceeding to install the cameras.

Tampering and Vandalism – Security cameras are constantly at risk of breaking due to vandalism. Though beneficial, security camera does not guarantee security and should not be considered as a failsafe. Faculty and students should always remain diligent and be aware of their surroundings, and act responsibly in-the event of an emergency.

Considerations Before Installing School Surveillance Cameras

There are many key factors that one should consider when deciding to install a school security camera system. We suggest you consider the following:

  • What are the schools most pressing security threat?
  • Do you currently have security in place?
  • Is there a security protocol for your school district that you must follow?
  • Are violence and crime a problem in your surrounding area?
  • Has there been a time you wish you caught a specific incident on camera?
  • Are there key areas in your school where students typically congregate that causes problems? (eg smoking, fights, vandalism, locker damage, etc)?

Setting Up School Surveillance Cameras

  • Install cameras at all exits and entrances so you may Record each visitor as they enter and exit the school. Cameras can perform double duty and help reduce student truancy.
  • Install fixed cameras in these key areas of the school that have valuables such as personal records, electronics, computers, sound equipment, books, and trophies.
  • Parking lots should also be monitored and recorded to safeguard visitors, staff and students alike when entering or leaving the school grounds. Outdoor cameras will also discourage possible vandalism or break-ins during school hours.