Video Surveillance & Security for Department Stores

One of the primary objectives for department stores should be loss prevention. Choosing the correct video surveillance system goes very far in helping to prevent crime ,theft and protecting a stores assets. The system will also help provide employee and customer safety.

Key Benefits of Security Cameras for Retail Stores

Product Loss prevention – Retail break-ins and stock shrinkage is a major problem for departments stores . Security video cameras contribute to reduce losses by functioning as a deterrent , as well as by detecting suspicious activity in real time . Whenever shoplifting is observed on camera , surveillance staffers may be immediately sent to the scene .

24hr surveillance – With security cameras providing 24hr continuous video surveillance coverage, retail department stores may be protected and monitored against break-ins, vandalism and crimes after normal working hours

Investigation of Crimes – Recorded security video footage provided by department store security and surveillance cameras is extremely useful during investigations of theft, crimes as well as suspect identification.

Employee theft Prevention – Theft by employees is very a common occurrence within the world of retail. As a matter of fact, it's an major problem. Just having a presence of surveillance cameras can often deter such activity while helping to capture visual evidence of employees stealing from their employers.

Customer service monitoring– Department stores heavily rely on strong customer service to bring shoppers back again. Video surveillance systems can allow company  management to actively monitor employee service and behavior to insure customers are being treated accordingly.

Monitoring your customers – We know the key benefit of surveillance is to monitor suspicious activity, surveillance cameras offer important information that helps for store planning. As an example, monitoring your customer flow throughout the store can determine how the interior of store is laid out. Monitoring your customer traffic can also help dictate employee schedules. Observing higher traffic days on video can help your with staff scheduling.

Digital video storageNetwork Video Recorders (NVRs) and Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) record security video footage digitally unlike VCRs of old that used cassette tapes. These newer systems provide a much larger storage capacity and with enhanced searching capabilities.

Remote monitoring your store – The internet is now available to most of us in many forms. We have access at home, work and even while on the go with our mobile phone and tablets. That growing trend helps you considerably, DVRs, NVRs and IP Cameras operate on a network and provide streaming footage that may be viewed remotely from virtually anywhere. You even have the option of using IP Dome Cameras that allow you to remotely control the camera with pan, tilt and zoom. This can be done from a PC, Tablet or mobile phone.

Department Store Security Cameras Risks

Privacy – It is widely accepted to have cameras installed throughout public areas of department stores. Employee bathrooms, dressing rooms and break rooms are commonly considered a breach of privacy.

Vandalism – You must consider the fact that surveillance systems may be vandalized or tampered with. You want to make sure that you have security measures in place in case this occurs.

Configuring Your Retail Store Video Security Surveillance

These are just some of the things you should consider when determining the type of security video system your department store requires:

  1. Is shoplifting a common problem at the store?
  2. Have you had numerous incidents with employee theft?
  3. What is the store's inventory shrinkage for the last year?
  4. What security systems do you currently have in the store?
  5. Are security guards present at all times during store hours?
  6. Has there been crimes committed at the store's parking lot?
  7. What type of items and merchandise do you currently sell?
  8. Are there specific areas within the store that are more likely to be targeted?
  9. Is your stores neighborhood prone to vandalism or theft?

Setup Advice

  1. Install security cameras at all entrances and exits of your store to monitor the flow and traffic of your customers. This will capture video footage of all your shoppers entering and leaving your store.
  2. Ceiling-mounted security dome cameras offer comprehensive views of your store sales floor and individual product aisles.
  3. Install cameras by your cash registers so you may monitor transactions, and help protect employee cashiers from theft, robbery attempts and customer service incidents that involve inappropriate customer conduct.
  4. Storage rooms as well as supply areas should also have cameras installed to curb employee theft.
  5. Parking lots as well as garages should not be left of your installation.