Surveillance Video & Security Cameras for your Store

When considering security cameras for your convenience stores you need to key in on those key areas that are most vulnerable towards theft and petty crimes. Installing the correct video surveillance system is extremely important and it will help protect your customers, employees, as well as your assets.

Benefits of Video Surveillance

Ease of Installation – The latest technology applied by typical Mini Mart stores and Convenience stores is IP security camera systems, these cameras may be wired or wireless and work over a computer network. Analog CCTV systems tend to be more difficult to install for customers while IP cameras only take a single wire to install making the installation easier. IP cameras have the added benefit of broadcasting your video footage via the internet, allowing for easy monitoring of your store security cameras any time you would like.

Security – IP Security Cameras offer HD high-resolution with great detail when playback of a crime is needed. Retail stores tend to rely on witnesses or the cashiers memory to help define the crime. This typically does not bode well when trying to piece together the incident. Key details provided by Megapixel cameras will deliver images that are rich in detail.   

Theft Prevention – Having security cameras in plain site help reduce crime and theft. It offers a deterrent to stop employee theft or small petty crimes.

Convenience Store CCTV Risk Factors 

The benefits of Convenience store security cameras are great, but you must consider that these systems are not failsafe. Security camera systems all have certain amounts of risk. In particular, Convenience store security cameras are subject to:

  1. Outages - Power surges or disruptions in power may cause video outages within your store security camera system, this may lead to small gaps in your video recording or even damage to your surveillance cameras.We highly suggest you have surge and backup protection for your security systems.
  2. Tampering – Employees or Criminals will sometimes try and tamper with a security camera system so they may obscure their identity while performing their theft.
  3. Privacy - Installing cameras in public areas such as your stockroom and sales floors will help maintain the privacy of your employees and customers 

What should you Consider when Configuring a Convenience Store Surveillance System

There are many ways to install and set up convenience store security camera systems.  We suggest you consider some key aspects before before installing your IP camera system in your store:

  1. Consider what your security threats are.
  2. What incidents have you had that you wished you might have caught on video?
  3. Is your current neighborhood prone to crime?
  4. What security system do you have now and what needs to change?
  5. What are your store hours?
    1. Stores with night hours typically between 12 AM - 8 AM can be more susceptible to crimes and robberies.
  1. Has a robbery or employee theft occurred before?
  2. Does your current video camera system allow your cashier to monitor key areas of your store?

Some Key Advice for Quick Stop Stores using Video Surveillance Systems

  1. All open spaces should be covered. This includes areas such as your cash register, sales floor and entrance doors. These areas need to be covered, and we suggest you install fixed security cameras in key sensitive areas such as cash registers and restricted store merchandise. (e.g. alcohol, cigarettes)
  2. Entrances and exits are a must to cover. You need to record everyone who enters and exits quick stop store.
    1. Gas stations should place fixed security cameras by pumps so you may capture license plates.
  1. Fixed cameras near your company safe and cash registers will help you monitor all transactions and hopefully prevent theft.
  2. Rough neighborhoods or locations with vandalism should place security cameras covering the outer perimeter of the store. These security cameras will also allow your retail clerks to monitor the outside and take appropriate action in the event they see something that concerns them.