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Who We Are?

CCTV Corp is a full service consulting firm and wholesale security distributor with a strong line of surveillance products. We started CCTV Corp because we felt there was a void in the industry. CCTV Corp is not your typical consulting firm & distributer that only offers sales support. We offer a wide variety of services related to the security industry. Some of the services we offer are: consulting, proposing, selling, training, marketing and web design services.

CCTV Corp employees offer a combined  40 years of experience within the security industry. We have experience in manufacturing, distribution, and installations within security.

We strongly work with Megapixel technology. In short, we support and push HD technology when it comes to surveillance. Security surveillance is important and capturing video in High Definition is a must. The ability to clearly see, record and transmit video should always be done in high quality and definition. After all, the purpose of video surveillance should be to capture and record images that are useful and as detailed as possible.

Our Experience

  • Manufacturing of surveillance products. From design, manufacturing and deployment of products.
  • We have many relationships within the security industry and manufacturers. We work directly with companies that manufacture surveillance products and have worked directly with industry leaders that provide these systems direct to integrators and installers.
  • Distribution. For over 14 years we sold & distributed surveillance products to installers worldwide. We have a strong understanding of distribution, supporting and selling surveillance products to installers and integrators.
  • Training. We have traveled much of the world hosting training seminars to installers and integrators. Our courses have been attended by thousands of installers over the years and we have always been in the forefront of technology and education.
  • Installations. For the better part of our lives we were system integrators. We provided full installations in alarms, gates, access control, telecommunications, and surveillance systems.
  • Tech Support. A large part of business has always been providing technical support to not only integrators and installers but end users. Not only did we manufacture, distribute, and sell surveillance products but we also provided technical support throughout the buying and installation process.
  • Projects. We have sold and supported surveillance to airports, banks, schools, police, governments and consumers. We have worked directly with integrators to design, sell and deploy surveillance to thousands of customers world wide.

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