4K Surveillance Cameras set to arrive soon

Posted by on 10/29/2014 to In the News

4K is coming.

Security surveillance cameras in UHD (Ultra HD) will soon be here.

4K is nothing new, consumers in the electronics market have been getting an earful of 4K for awhile now. 4K surveillance cameras are set to offer resolutions at 3840 x 2160 with high color fidelity in a 16:9 format while using progressive scanning at 25/30 Hz.

Basically 4K offers four times the resolution of standard 1080p camera, while rendering superior image detail and high definition colors. These new cameras are great for large area monitoring, like parking lots, airports, train stations, city streets etc.

New 4K cameras fully adopt a 12.0-Megapixel sensor, complete a high-performance DSP which offers a very high image quality. The new 4K cameras will offer 12MP (4000 x 3000) at 15 frames per second and 4K at 30 frames per second with a suggested bandwidth rated at 8Mbps, to ensure smooth live viewing; in addition, the new cameras will provide triple streams to use for different applications.

Look for advanced features like ROI, ultra-defog, analytic detentions, including face detection, tripwire, intrusion and scene changes, which can also send alerts to direct to end-users when triggered.

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