1080P HD IP Security Cameras offer great value for the price.

Posted by on 9/2/2015 to Security Cameras

ip bullet cameraLast year we saw a huge increase in low priced 720p IP cameras. 1MP and 1.3MP IP cameras really became the go to standard for low end IP cameras. Though 720p is no slouch in the resolution department many customers did not upgrade to higher resolution cameras because of the difference in price points between 1 and 2 megapixel cameras, especially when purchasing multiple cameras at one time. As the year has gone on we have seen a sizable shift towards 2 megapixel security cameras becoming more affordable. In many circumstances, these price points are on par with analog CCTV cameras which many did not think would occur so quickly. The difference between analog cameras and megapixel cameras is night day and the main reason for purchasing analog has mostly always been price. Simply put, they have been cheaper and less expensive to buy, technology and quality be damned.

Those days are coming to end and very quickly I might add. 1080p IP cameras are starting to hit the $100-$150 mark and this includes varifocal lenses and ICR built in! A well made CCTV analog camera with a Sony effio-P CCD, varifocal lens and tamper proof housing can set you back anywhere between $80-$170 dollars, depending on the vendor and manufacture. A 2MP camera in todays market with similar varifocal lens and ICR is now within the same price range. To most technicians and dealers this is a no brainer but to the common consumer this still does not seal the deal. The main reason is availability and ease of purchase. CCTV analog cameras still dominate the retail space and are easily available at most large retailers next to the club soda and crackers. With no real comparison to HD in that price point when they are purchasing, most tend to go with whats cheapest and not best.

With HD becoming a household word IP cameras in this space will do relatively well with consumers now that price points are on par with what they are used to seeing. Camera packages and systems offering 1080p at analog prices are already available, its just matter of time before the scale tips towards the masses of IP 1080p. As the tile states 1080P HD IP Security Cameras offer a great value for the price.

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